Artist Spotlight . . . “Shareen”

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As a producer I reap the benefits of working with all types of people including friends, strangers, and family! This blog displays a brief bio of my younger sister (Pop Princess) Shareen! Thank you to Shareen and All the wonderful people who’ve been diligently supporting!


Shareen was born and raised in the suburbs of Eastern Long Island and is the youngest of 11 kids. She began her journey as a performer at the tender age of 6 years old when her mother enrolled her in dance lessons at a local ballet school. At the age of 12 Shareen was granted a full scholarship to study ballet, modern dance and violin at the prestigious USDAN Performing Arts Camp, which was also attended by Mariah Carey (Singer), Natalie Portman (Actress), Shari Goodhartz (TV Writer/Producer).

Music always played a major role in Shareen’s household. She grew up listening to a wide variety of music. Her father, a former music promoter, introduced her to disco and classic R&B while her mother always played Gospel and Classic Pop/Rock around the house. Already a budding dancer, Shareen entered a talent show at her school where she covered the classic Mary J Blige song, “You Bring Me Joy”. After winning over the crowd Shareen and family discovered yet another talent – her unique voice. From that moment Shareen knew that she wanted to be a performer.

Throughout middle school and high school Shareen began vocal training and began taking dance classes at the legendary Broadway Dance Center in New York City. She trained with top-level choreographers like Darrin Henson (*NSYNC and Britney Spears) and Sheryl Murakami (Beyoncé). However, after receiving pressure from home to focus on attending college and building a career, Shareen was faced with the decision to put her dreams on hold.

Once Shareen graduated high school she moved to New York City to study Advertising & Marketing at The Fashion Institute of Technology. During this time she began to grow weary and discouraged that she wasn’t using her talents and living out her dreams of becoming an international performer. She began interning at Universal Records. She figured if she couldn’t pursue her own artistry that she could assist other artists.

While making the transition from an intern to a full-time employee, Shareen gained experiences in marketing, video promotion and radio promotion. Working with artists from the likes of Nelly, Rihanna, Akon, Mariah Carey, Kanye West and Justin Bieber, Shareen was able to gain firsthand knowledge of the ins and outs of major label operations.

After working at a major label for five years Shareen decided to quit her job in order to pursue her dream of becoming an independent recording artist. In January 2012 she released her 1st single, “Out Of Control,” which reached mild success online and at mix show radio. With drive to never quit she began writing for artists signed to both Ultra and Atlantic Records.

In 2013 Shareen and her husband founded their own label/production company, The Branch Entertainment. Her EP, “Light” is the first release on The Branch Entertainment. Shareen lives by the quote, “Its never too late to be who you might have been.” – George Eliot

Beats for Albums

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Writing lyrics is not that complex. It’s a matter of putting down your feelings into words. Today you don’t even need to do that yourself. You can simply collaborate with people or hire someone to write for you.
Now, turning those lyrics into an album is a completely different matter. The songs need to have a good rhythm and more importantly, they need to have a really great beat as background music.
A common mistake new artists make is that they underestimate the power of the beats they use for their albums. I’ve heard songs where the artists have a great voice, great style and tons of charissma but due to a poor choice of beats, most people disapprove of the songs. Don’t make the same mistake as those people. I am sure it will pain you to see all your hard work not producing your desired results.
Being that you are new to the music industry, odds are, you don’t have much capital. So, the next challenge is finding high quality beats for your album at a reasonable price. Speaking from experience, the best place for that is
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Beats for Mixtapes at

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Beats for Mixtapes at
Every one in the media industry has one thing in common that they all need… Beats! Whether you are making movies, mixtapes, jingles, etc… I can assure you the beat you use will have a huge impact on the success rate of your project. You probably don’t believe me and odds are, you’re thinking… “there is no way such a small aspect can play that big of a role!”
Listen to the majority of the top modern hit songs and take notes. Forget about the lyrics, forgot about the artists and pay attention to the beats only. Notice they all have really great beats. That’s not a coincidence. The producers understand how important the beats are, hence put a lot of efforts into making them perfect. Your mixtapes deserve the same.