L I Train 2  Upon listening to the local church drummer belt out drum rolls during praise & worship service, beating on pots and pans while in my pampers at 1 years old (according to my mother at least) and being hypnotized by those early cinematic theme songs (Star Wars, Superman, ET, etc) by legendary film composer John Williams, I knew music would  directly influence my life. Johnnie Soul Lewis (as is written on my birth certificate…seriously) is my name and I have been involved with music for well over 28 years. I started to learn how to play the drums in church in the South Bronx of NYC at age 8 and a year later learned how to read music while taking up band in school in Huntington LI, New York. Never looking back I eventually studied and graduated from Virginia State University and became a music teacher. Whether teaching kindergartners how to sing with their diaphragm, showing 7th graders trumpet players how to form the correct embrochure postion, or modeling to my collegiate drum line (Virginia State University) how to perform with balanced rudimental technique, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to educate well over 1000 music students. This noble experience has earned me a Grammy Music Educator Award Nominee. Early in my teaching career, beat making became a hobby. Ten years later after honing some important production skills such as sequencing, mixing, songwriting, vocal and instrumental arranging I decided to embark on the music production path. The beautiful thing about my life is that when I leave school after a day of teaching, my other 9-5 (music producer) job begins. My strongest and preferred genre is definitely urban music (hip-hop, rap, r&b, pop) however, being musically proficient helps me to create with the inspiration of any style of music. I have collaborated with Grammy Nominated Platinum Producer Rob “Epitome” Taylor and up and coming “Princess of Pop”… Shareen Amour. I am currently working on a mixtape for my artist C-Hill, out of the South Bronx and promoting my website…JohnySoulBeats.com.

Music For Life,

Johny Soul!